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Fields is located in southeast Oregon, Harney County, near Steens Mountain. Fields is a little town and ranching community. It has never been easy to make a living ranching, but some ranches here have been in the same family for generations. Other ranches are corporate-owned, and are operated by managers who live on the ranch. The oldest ranch in the area is the historic Whitehorse Ranch. Whitehorse is a large ranch with about three or four buckaroos and seven or eight farm hands in the busy time of the year. The ranchers work with the Bureau of Land Management to keep the public lands open for many, varied uses. The cows grazing here are an important part of a careful plan of range management. Water is very important to all people here. Average rainfall is less than ten inches a year, classifying this land as a high desert range.
Fields was established in 1881 by Charles Fields. Fields consists of a store, cafe, gas station, camp ground, hotel, post office, and a few houses. Tom and Sandra Downs, who now operate all the businesses in Fields, are happy to welcome the many visitors each year.
The Fields School was established about 1900. It began with one room and one teacher. In later years a new wing was added to the school; now there are two rooms, and two teachers for the kindergarten through eighth grade students.
Natural attractions in the Fields area: Alvord Desert (Pictured on right). Various hot springs spread throughout the area. The mountains of the Fields region are the Pueblo, Steens, and the Trout Creek Mountain ranges. There are various kinds of wild life such as elk, Mule Deer, Prong Horn, Big Horn Sheep, pheasant, doves, geese, and ducks. Rainbow Trout may be found in the many lakes and streams. For hunting, fishing and site seeing, Fields is one of the best. As you explore our region please leave the gates as you found them. Remember some land is privately owned, so check first.
Points of interest
Bog Hot Springs, White Horse Hot Springs, Alvord Hot Springs, all of these hot springs are open to the public. You can also view the East Rim of the Steens Mountain. The Fields Café is also another main attraction, known far and wide for their famous hamburgers and milkshakes. The fishing, hunting, and site seeing is larger-than-life in Fields, and the community invites you to come and see for yourself.
View of the Steens Mountain
(on left)

The climate in the winter is mild, seldom below zero degree temperatures. The summer is nice and not overbearingly hot. The temperatures range between the high 70's and 80's. In late August there may be a day or two that the temperature reaches the 90's.
Crops and soil

Crops grown in the Fields area consist of meadow hay and alfalfa. The ground is sufficient for some vegetable and flower gardening. The growing season is from mid May to mid September.
The soil in Fields varies. In the highest parts you will find the soil has little or no alkali present. Down on the flats the soil has an extremely large amount of alkali present that leaves a thick layer of borax on the surface.


The Fields Rodeo
pictured on right.
Harney County is an area of over 10,000 square miles. It is the largest county in Oregon and the ninth largest in the US.
Nearby, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is an internationally famous bird watching destination and Malheur Lake forms one of the largest freshwater marshes in the country. Over 50,000 birders, from all over the world visit each year.

Mileage from Burns
The total highway miles from Burns to Fields is 115 mile

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