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The town was founded in 1938 by the family-owned Gilchrist Timber Company, which moved there from Mississippi in search of lumber and lower taxes. The family moved their operations to central Oregon, where they eventually acquired over 100,000 acres of timber land in Deschutes, Lake, and Klamath counties.
The Gilchrist mill was built in 1938, complete with company town housing for about 500 residents. The town and the central shopping mall were built with aesthetics in mind. The Little Deschutes River was dammed to create a large mill pond. All the Houses were painted with a uniform brown color. The attractive setting, large lawns, tennis courts, and giant ponderosa pines made the town setting a resort-like atmosphere.
In 1991 the Gilchrist Timber Company was sold to Crown Pacific Partners, which subsequently fired all its employees. The 120 homes and other facilities in the town were sold to residents and others around 1998, with Crown Pacific holding onto sawmill and timberland. The company upgraded to handle smaller logs in 2000, which were among the last remaining assets of Crown Pacific, which declared bankruptcy in 2003 and was taken over by creditors at the end of 2004, and again bought by Canadian company Interfor Pacific in 2006.

Crescent many small towns in Oregon, was born as a Railroad Town which still has its presence with trains passing through daily. There are local resorts, real estate, dining, entertainment, shopping and more.
Crescent Lake is nine miles from Willamette Pass Ski Area, boasts of six months of epic snowmobiling, we have world-class fishing on Crescent and Odell Lake for Mackinaw and Kokanee, the Pacific Crest Trail Heads are ten minutes away for backpacking and fishing, you can launch your ski boat in 10 minutes, and mountain bike forever.
General Information for Crescent:
Latitude: 43.437958  Longitude: -121.73063
Population: 751   Density: 37.66  (people per square land mile)
Housing Units: 395
Land Area: 19.41 sq. mi.  Water Area: 0 sq. mi.
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There are plenty of sights and activities in our neck of the woods. For those of you not familiar with North Klamath County there are wide open spaces, breathtaking views and an abundance of rivers and lakes. Numerous protected wilderness areas with giant ponderosa pines spring up continually. Enjoy our clean air, clear water, and a host of activities available for the outdoor enthusiast: snowmobiling, hiking, riding, fishing, hunting, skiing, and dog sled racing.

Area Info & Utilities:
Cascade Natural Gas: 888-522-1130
Midstate Electric Cooperative, Inc: 800-722-7219
Crescent Water Association: 541-433-2989
Gilchrist Water Co: 541-433-2610
Wilderness Garbage and Recycling: 541-536-1194
Century Tel: Local phone and DSL High Speed Internet: 800-201-4102
USFS Ranger Stations and Fire Protection Districts:
Crescent Ranger Dist USFS: 541-433-3200
Chemult Ranger Dist USFS: 541-365-7000
Crescent Rural Fire Protection Dist: 541-433-2466
Chemult Rural Fire Protection Dist: 541-365-2255
Walker Range Fire Patrol Assn.: 541-433-2451

Red Cross: Klamath Falls, 541-884-4126, Regional Office 541-779-3773

Gilchrist Elementary: 541-433-9403
Gilchrist High School: 541-433-2295
Oregon State Police Gilchrist Outpost: 541-433-2620
Sheriff Substation North Klamath County: 541-433-2010
Post Offices:
Gilchrist: 541-433-9360
Crescent: 541-433-2238
Chemult: 541-365-4411
Klamath County:
Gilchrist Branch: 541-433-9867
Chemult Branch: 541-365-2412
Gilchrist: Gilchrist United Methodist 541-433-2682
Gilchrist: Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church 541-433-2682
Crescent: Crescent Baptist Church 541-433-9342
Crescent: Ponderosa Christian Fellowship 541-433-2495
Chemult: Our Church 541-365-0940
Amtrak Station, Chemult: 800-872-7245

Nearby Diamond Peak

Nearby Crater Lake
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