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Flagstaff Lake
is located in the Southeast Southern Oregon, Lake County. It is one of the Warner Lakes in Warner Valley wetlands. This area is hard to access to lakes and we have heard that thee is No boating here or campgrounds.
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Nearby Warner Lakes are: BlueJoint Lake, Stone Corral Lake, and Campbell Lake. Then to the south are Hart LakeReservoir and Crump Lake.
Scenic Drives
Lake/Harney Scenic Byway - Oregon

The road less traveled offers Oregon's best-kept secrets.
Tour the "Oregon Outback" on this 200-mile scenic byway from Burns to Lakeview Traverse vast rangelands, national forests and mountain ranges. Explore wildlife refuges, fossil beds, rock and mineral fields, geologic formations and scenic wonders all along the way The entire route is usually open from July 1 through October 31. However, portions of the road are unpaved, steep and narrow, and not recommended for motor homes, trailers and cars with low clearance.
 Picture on right: View of Warner Lakes from Hart Mountain's Poker Jim Ridge
 For More Info call the Lake County Chamber at 541-947-6040

General Area View

View of Warner Lakes from
 Hart Mountain's Poker Jim Ridge

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