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Deadhorse Lake
is located in approximately 34 miles from Paisley, Oregon in Lake County, Fremont National Forest area Southern (southeast) Oregon. It is a High Mountain Lake with grassy and pebble beaches, the elevation is 7372 ft. The area is about 31 acres. About one mile apart is Campbell Lake. Both are beautiful lakes and provide lots of outdoor recreation such as swimming, boating, hiking and more. Recommended Season: Maintained from July 1 through October 31. Considerations: FULL MOST HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS. Please bring your own firewood or gather nearby for camp use. First-come, first-served, reservations are not taken.
9 tent and trailer sites with tables and fire grills.
7 Group camping sites - some larger sites away from lakeshore.
Drinking water - hand pump
Garbage..."Pack it in, Pack it out"
Boat launch and separate day use area
This info may change so Call the Chamber to verify this 541-947-6040

Hiking loop trails connect with Deadhorse Rim and Campbell Lake
Fishing for stocked rainbow trout.
Swimming and Boating (Electric motors only, 5 mph speed limit)
Dead Horse Rim Trail: This trail accesses the roadless country found in the vicinity of Dead Horse Rim. It also accesses Dead Cow Trail, and the Lakes Trail system. It travels through and along a large upland meadow near the Lee Thomas Trailhead and then ascends Dead Horse Rim through stands of lodgepole pines and mature mixed conifers. As it runs along the spine of Dead Horse Rim scenic vistas of the Dead Horse Creek drainage and the surrounding country are offered. The trail currently dead ends on its southern end at the National Forest boundary, but plans are in the works to rectify this situation.
Dead Cow Trail: This trail provides a loop trail opportunity of about 6 miles in length from Dead Horse Lake down the Dead Cow Creek drainage then via the Dead Horse Rim Trail and Lakes Trail back to Dead Horse Lake. The Dead Cow drainage contains an abundance of wild flowers during the spring and early summer. This is an interesting day-hike loop opportunity passing through a variety of high elevation environments.
Addition Information on Trails:
This trail system offers a variety of interconnected loops of various lengths between Campbell and Dead Horse Lakes. There is a lower trail and an upper trail and they are connected at their eastern and western ends as well as by an intertie trail approximately in the middle of their reaches. This arrangement offers users loop trips from five to nine miles long. The Lakes Loop system is also connected to the Dead Cow Trail #141, the Dead Horse Rim Trail #139 and the Cache Cabin Trail # 148 providing approximately 24 miles of trails in this area for Forest visitors.
Scenic vistas of the lakes and the surrounding country are found throughout this system, but particularly from the heights of Campbell and Dead Horse Rims. On a clear day the distant views from these lofty viewpoints are spectacular and limited only by the curvature of the Earth. The upper Lakes Loop Trail and Dead Horse Rim Trail also access one of the largest stands of sub-alpine white-bark pine in the Pacific Northwest. The trail is well signed at all junctions and has vertically aligned rectangular blazes for reassurance markers.
Lakes Loop Trail # 140: Total length: 9 miles
Elevation: Low 7220 ft., High 8020 ft., Vertical difference, 800 ft.
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
How to get there:
From Paisley Ranger District Office:
Go mile north on Highway 31, and turn left on Mill Street. Mill Street becomes Forest Road 33 at the "Y" junction. Stay to the left and continue on Forest Road 33 for 20 miles. At the "T" intersection with paved road 28, stay to the right. Follow Forest Road 28 for 11 miles, watch for the well marked turn to Campbell/Deadhorse Lakes, take a left at the junction with Forest Road 033. Three miles on this graveled road will lead to the Deadhorse Lake Campground entrance.
From Lakeview:
Take Highway 140 West 3 miles, then turn right onto County Road 2-16. Go on County Road 2-16 for 5 miles. Turn left onto County Road 2-16A and within 2 miles, you will be on Forest Road 28. Follow Forest Road 28 for 28 miles, watch for the well marked turn to Campbell Lake, take a left at the junction with Forest Road 033. Three miles on this graveled road will lead to the Campbell Lake Campground entrance.
From Bly Ranger District Office:
Head east on Highway 140 for mile to the Campbell Road, you should see the sign. Turn left onto the Campbell Road and go for mile to Forest Road 34. Turn right and drive 25 miles to Forest Road 28. Turn left onto Forest Road 28 and go for 6 miles. Watch for the well marked turn to Campbell/Deadhorse Lakes, take a left at the junction with Forest Road 033. Three miles on this graveled road will lead to the Deadhorse Lake Campground entrance.

For fees/dates/hours/more info, Call Lake County Chamber at: 541-947-6040

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