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Merlin & Galice, Oregon
The little hamlet of Merlin is located northeast of Grants Pass and is the home base for many outfitters and fishing guides. This and the fact that Merlin is close to the 84-mile segment of the Rogue River set aside by Congress under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, is why Merlin is known as the "Gateway To The Wild & Scenic Rogue River."
Also located nearby is the famous Hellgate Canyon (on Galice Hwy.) where the famous "Jump" segment of the movie "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid" (starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford) and many other Westerns were filmed. Above Merlin is Grave Creek, the starting point for the 32 mile "wild" section of the Rogue River.
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Great white water rafting, fishing and guided tours on the Rogue River are but some of the activities available in the Merlin area. One of the best hiking trails around is the famous Rogue River Wild and Scenic Trail which starts at Grave Creek above Merlin and runs downstream 40 miles through the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River to Foster Bar. A permit, available by lottery, is required in the summer for floating some sections of the river; contact US Forest Service, River Permits, 14335 Galice Rd., Merlin, OR 97532. More info on river history below.

It is a very dangerous mountain road, it takes 3 hours to drive 25 miles, and the east entrance is not clearly marked as a dangerous road. There have been several accidents on this road, including one nationally publicized accident that ended in tragedy. Perhaps if the road was marked as a particularly dangerous mountain trail, then there would be fewer accidents.

Recreational Highlights
Of The Merlin-Galice Area. 
Hellgate Excursions - Jet Boat rides/tours along Rogue River.
Indian Mary Park
Located north of town is the historic Indian Mary Park. It is the smallest Indian reservation ever created. Indian Mary Park is now a county park set on the beautiful Rogue River. Camping space is available and includes RV's and tents.
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For an interesting journey back in time visit the legendary Pottsville, the home of historic gas engines and buildings. It is located on Pleasant Valley Rd., off of Merlin-Galice Hwy. See out Recreation Section.
Haines Apple Tree
Visit the site of the Haines Family. One family's fight against a band of angry warriors and the massacre that happened within sight of the apple tree. See out Recreation Section.
Galice Resort See out Lodging or Activities Section.
Historical Background On Galice
Louis Galice, a French doctor, was one of the first to prospect in the wild country of the lower Rogue canyons. In 1851, a few miles below Hellgate Canyon, he discovered gold nuggets in the creek which now bears his name. Located in Galice is Galice Resort, Morrison's Lodge and some rafting activities. See our Recreation Section.

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