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Klamath Falls is located approximately 76 miles from Medford, Oregon and about 88 miles from Ashland. Klamath Falls is the largest town in the Klamath County, which is located in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains that borders Northern California. It is the fourth largest county in Oregon and covers over 6,150 square miles. Elevations range from 2,750 feet to 8,938 feet. Klamath Falls is a high desert area and has several mountains.
The Population of Klamath County is approximately: 61,500 and Klamath Falls City limits is approximately: 20,405.
Klamath Falls is know as "Oregon's City Of Sunshine." It is a four season area with high-dry climate with precipitation of approx: 13" and approx.: 39" of snow. The Labor Force is over- 29,940. Klamath Falls City School District has 2 High Schools, 1 Junior High, and 7 Elementary Schools. In Klamath County School District there are 5 High Schools, 4 Junior High, and 14 Elementary Schools.
Colleges are: Klamath Community College and Oregon Institute Of Technology.

Libraries - There are 3 branches of Klamath County Public Libraries.

The largest health care facility in Klamath Falls is the Merle West Medical Center. The area also has a center for occupational health, cancer and heart centers, Kidney Dialysis Center, center for occupational health, 102 physicians, nursing homes, chiropractors, and several other smaller practices.

Larger stores include: Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, Emporium, and Gottschalks and there are several smaller clothing, arts & crafts and grocery stores.
Home to several local museums including the famous Favell Museum of Western Art and Indian Artifacts and the Klamath Art Association. Seasonal performances and shows by many other cultural groups in various locations throughout the area. Enjoy the The Klamath Symphony, Klamath Chorale, and Klamath Symphony, and the famous Ross Ragland Theater.

Air Transportation includes: Klamath Falls International Airport. The ground transportation includes: Amtrak, Greyhound and Red Ball Stage Line as well as local Taxi and Car Rental services. 

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