JOSEPHINE COUNTY Waterfalls in Southern Oregon

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47.Grave Creek Falls  48.Rainie Falls
49.Upper Black Bar Falls 50.Lower Black Bar Falls
51.Kelsey Falls  52.Silver Falls
Little Todd Creek Falls  54.Briggs Creek Falls
55.Taylor Creek Falls  56.Limpy Creek Falls
57.Onion Creek Falls, Green Onion Falls & Swede Falls
58.Illinois River Falls & Little Illinois River Falls

The majority of waterfalls in Jackson County are around Union Creek and Prospect areas. As you travel south the waterfalls start diminishing in quantity and size. There is less snow and rainfall in Medford/Ashland area verses the Roseburg areas.

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Josephine County waterfalls include Rainie Falls, Upper Black Bar Falls, Lower Black Bar Falls, Kelsey Falls, Grave Creek Falls near Galice by Rogue River Forest, Silver Falls, Taylor Creek Falls, Briggs Creek Falls Little Todd Creek Falls, Little Illinois River Falls, Green Onion Falls waterfalls southwest southern Oregon sites to see
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