Klamath County Waterfalls in Southern Oregon

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28.Vidae Falls A1.Plaikni Falls  29.Duwee Falls
Annie Falls 31.Stuart Falls  32.Red Blanket Falls
33.Klamath Falls  34.Deep Creek Falls-Lake Cn

The are few waterfalls in Klamath County, most are located around Crater Lake. There is a bit of trivia on 'Klamath Falls" to read. The last waterfall is in Lakeview called "Deep Creek Falls" which is actual in LAKE County. We have heard of a "Ground Hog Falls" in Malheur County by Jordan Valley but there is no info that we can find on it at this time. Our guess is that it's so tiny or just a town or area name.

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Klamath County Waterfalls In Southern Oregon near Crater Lake Annie Falls, Duwee Falls, Stuart Falls, Red Blanket Falls, Vidae Falls, Deep Creek Falls,
Klamath Falls and Lakeview waterfall in eastern southeast southern Oregon sites to see and visit
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