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The climate is mild with an average annual maximum temperature is around 68.0, annual minimum 40.9. Average annual precipitation is 29.5 inches. Snowfall is minimal - 2.3 inches per year Our ideal climate provides a minimum of precipitation, unlike our neighbors to the west. Our average rainfall is just under 30 inches and we boast a very gentle wind velocity. Visitors can plan on warm, sunny days and cool, dry evenings from mid-May through mid-September

The climate is so good, in fact, that the valley had an active agricultural industry around the turn of the century. The Rogue Valley is still known as "pear country," and you can see trees from the old orchards around the Medford-Ashland area. The climate is also conducive to growing grapes, and we have many Wineries and Vineyards here.

Southern Oregon Guide covers Medford, Jacksonville, Ashland, Rogue valley activities for Grants Pass  Phoenix & Talent,. Josephine County - Jackson County & Douglas County Klamath County and all other counties in Southern Oregon. Things to do in Oregon
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