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Hyatt Lake Located just 20 miles east of Ashland. At 5000’ elevation Hyatt Lake Resort is a prime winter vacation sanctuary, a winter time snow experience with the comforts of home. Our 7 passenger Tucker Snow Cat along with giving scenic tours, also grooms miles of winter play trails. Whether you cross country ski, snow-shoe, or snowmobile we have what your looking you!

Campers Cove Resort has the good fortune of being located on beautiful mile-high Hyatt Lake in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains east of Ashland, Oregon. The high elevation location offers a wide variety of climates and activities, and four real seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Campers Cove Restaurant and small store are open. The store offers snack & beverage items. It may be the smallest store in the country!

Hyatt Lake has great scenery with good forest land and snow capped peaks in view most of the year. The area around Hyatt Lake is filled with deer, eagles, osprey and other wildlife which can often be seen around the lake. Located in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, it is the first U.S. National monument set aside solely for the preservation of biodiversity. With a diverse ecosystem, 200 species of birds are known to exist in the monument including some threatened and endangered species such as the spectacular Great Grey Owl and Peregrine Falcon. The unusual Rough-skinned newt can be spotted by the keen eyed observer. In addition, the Cascade–Siskiyou National Monument is famous for its significant botanical diversity. The range of elevations and diversity of habitat types provides for a spectacular flora that includes many endemics to the immediate Siskiyou crest area such as the exquisite Oregon Lily. The namesake of Hyatt Prairie Lake, Hyatt Prairie, existed as a high prairie with such extreme freeze-thaw cycles that trees were unable to grow, as a result, species of plants that exist at Hyatt are found only in parts of Alaska. During May and June, these conditions make the area a favorite hunting area for those who relish the mushrooms: Morels and Chanterelles.

Hyatt Lake Resort DOES NOT have overnight camping spaces, and we are unable to assist you with any information regarding the campsites offered by the government campgrounds
The government's Hyatt Lake Campground advance reservations are available at RESERVEAMERICA.COM. The campground has been converted to RESERVATIONS ONLY.

You can reach Hyatt Lake by taking Hwy. 62 out of Medford, turn right on Hwy. 140, turn right on Hwy. 37, at the end of Hwy. 37 turn right on Dead Indian Memorial Hwy. When you see the Howard Prairie turnoff on the left take it. You will drive right past Howard Prairie and continue another few miles on the same road to reach Hyatt Lake. Another way to reach Hyatt Lake is to take Hwy. 66 out of Ashland past Emigrant Lake about 19 miles to the Hyatt Lake turnoff on the left.
For Info, Fees, Dates, Hours Call Hyatt Lake at 541-482-3331 or info visit:
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