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White City is located about midway between Portland, 280 miles to the North, and Sacramento, 293 miles to the South. Located off I-5, White City is near Medford Oregon, approximately 34 miles north of the California border, and 120 miles east of the Pacific Ocean at Crescent City, California. Located between Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon.

White City began in 1941 when the U.S. Army constructed Camp White on 43,000 acres outside of Medford, Oregon as an army training camp for the 91st Infantry Division. Over four years, 40,000 troops shipped out of Camp White. During the war years, the surrounding plains sprouted temporary housing for many camp support services.

After the war, Camp White was declared surplus and many buildings were sold at public auction. After the auctions, little remained of Camp White except a military hospital and barracks, deeded to the Veterans Administration and reopened as a free-standing Domiciliary. The existing Camp White roads and facilities became the start of the community. White City residents continue today to volunteer their time and money to improve their community. We welcome you to be involved and become a partner in the community volunteer and become a resource for your community.

White City Climate:
Approximately 1500 feet above sea level, White City is protected by surrounding mountains and is favored with a mild climate.

Annual Averages
Temperature 54 degrees
Rain Average:17.28
Average Humidity: 67.

White City is located at the junction of Oregon Route 62 and Oregon Route 140. White City is also served by RVTD Route 60 connecting to Medford, and by the Southwest POINT which is an intercity route connecting to a number of Southern Oregon cities

Nearby is Southern Oregon University, in Ashland, a 4 year institution. Offers extension courses at several locations and Rogue Community College, the Britt festival, Eagle Point Golf Course and more. White City is ever growing and provides plenty of horse property. The Southern Oregon Speedway is close by. Other towns nearby are Shady Cove, Eagle Point, Central Point, Medford, Jacksonville.

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