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Fort Rock State Natural Area is an isolated volcanic tuff ring with the southern rim broken by the ancient water waves of Fort Rock Lake. A one-mile trail circling the interior of the ring provides visitors an opportunity to view this feature up close. The wave cut remnant is - 1,360 meters in diameter and 60 meters high.

Nearby Fort Rock Cave is the location of the discovery of 9,000-year-old woven sagebrush bark sandals. Guided tours from April through October can be arranged by contacting Oregon State Parks.

Homestead Village
The museum tells the story of the lives of the courageous people who came to this valley. Each cabin tells a story of the family who lived there. Also located here are The St. Bridgets Church, the Ft. Rock Grange building, a composite of 3 local early 20th century schools. The museum is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day,(verify) Office phone is 541-576-2251 or Call the Lake County Chamber of Commerce for any questions 541-947-6040

Other Recreational Activities:
The Lost Forest Research Natural Area contains a remnant stand of an ancient ponderosa pine forest that existed thousands of years ago, when the climate was cooler and supported forest growth over a much larger area. Located over 40 miles from the nearest present-day ponderosa forest, the Lost Forest survives on less than ten inches of precipitation per year. Although ponderosa pine normally require at least 14 inches, the Lost Forest's unique sandy soils trap moisture close to the surface, providing a reservoir that compensates for the lack of rainfall.
Crack In The Ground is a fissure that formed between cooling lava flows about 1100 years ago. The fissure is about 2 miles long and 70 feet deep. The length of the fissure can be hiked, as there is an established trail along the fissure's bottom. Normally, fissures like this one are filled in with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation, but because Fort Rock State Natural Area is located in such an arid region, barely any filling has occurred. As a result, Fort Rock State Natural Area exists today nearly as it did shortly after its formation. See our Crack In The Ground Page
Summer Lake is one of the best duck hunting spots in all of Lake County, while Winter Rim, just above Summer Lake, is great for big game hunting. See our Lakes Section
Old Perpetual Geyser is the name to Lakeview's famous Geyser, located at Hunter's Resort just North of Lakeview. This Geyser was created by the accidental drilling of a water well. The drilling tapped into the geothermal hot water table below the surface, and ever sense a Geyser of boiling water explodes nearly every minute. See Our Old Perpetual Page

Sunstone Area In 1972, the Bureau of Land Management's Lakeview District established a free-use collecting area for the general public. Four square miles are now closed to mining claims to allow public access for hobby collecting. Locally known as the "Plush Diamond," the sunstone was designated in 1989 as the Oregon State Gemstone because of its uncommon clarity and color range.

Abert Rim - the largest geological fault in North America and towers 2,500 feet above the valley floor in the Great Basin country of Eastern Oregon's high desert. Abert Lake, one of the world's few remaining inland seas, is at the northernmost base of the rim. See our Lakes Section

Lake County Fair which is one of the oldest rodeo's in Oregon.
For More Info Call Lake County Chamber of Commerce 541-947-6040

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