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Old Perpetual is the most striking feature at Hunter's Hot Springs. Old Perpetual Geyser erupts up to 60 feet into the air about every 90 seconds. The site of this geothermal wonder erupting like a rocket into the sky is magnificent. It is the only active geyser in the west, and one of the more popular tourist attractions in Lakeview. Hunters Hot Springs & Old Perpetual Geyser is one and a half miles north of Lakeview.

June 2009, the geyser had stopped erupting for several years, possibly due in part to the nearby geothermal development by the town to supply hot water to the Warner Creek Correctional Facility. Further development of the site for geothermal power generation has threaten the entire hot springs & wetlands. But as of May 2015, Old Perpetual started regularly erupting again.

The springs are known to the locals as Hunter's Hot Springs, but in 2000, the owner renamed the resort to Geyser Hot Springs. The USGS only recognizes the variant name Geyser Hunters Hot Springs.

The temperature of the various springs ranges from 185 F to 210 F. Made up of alkaline with a high concentration of sulfate and other minerals. This environment supports large bacterial mats in the natural channels that drain the springs

In 1832, The hot springs were discovered by trappers from the Hudson's Bay Company, who noted in their journals that the water was very hot.

Hunter's Hot Springs are named after Harry Hunter, a land developer from Minnesota who was visiting the area In 1919  In 1923 he purchased the 40 acres which included the hot springs and started developing a health resort called Hunter's Chlorine Hot Springs Club, as a therapy, rest, and recuperation resort. He later drilled three wells on the property and all three erupted as hot water geysers. Two geysers eventually died away, But Old Perpetual is still erupting.

In 1925, the original resort building was constructed and then a second building in 1926. Then in 1929, 5 doctors purchased the hot springs, club facilities and equipment and opened a restaurant.

Sold in 1943, new owners built a motel and cocktail lounge to add to the resort facilities.

Today, the New owners renovated the resort facilities again in 2000. The resort operates a motel, lounge, and restaurant. A mineral pool is available to guests and the Old Perpetual viewing area is open to the public

Other Recreational Activities:

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Sunstone Area - In 1972, the Bureau of Land Management's Lakeview District established a free-use collecting area for the general public. Four square miles are now closed to mining claims to allow public access for hobby collecting. Locally known as the "Plush Diamond," the sunstone was designated in 1989 as the Oregon State Gemstone because of its uncommon clarity and color range.
Lake County Fair which is one of the oldest rodeo's in Oregon.
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